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‘Just for the weekend …’


The Boost: Travel – Psychologies Magazine, February 2014

Txikiteo, as it’s known in Basque, is the art of wandering from bar to bar, grazing as you go – and you’ll see it every night in San Sebastián. Hundreds of bars offer pintxos…

‘Taking A Break Is Hard To Do’


The Independent, 17 September 2013.

Three months before Anna’s wedding, she had a trial separation from her fiancé. “It’s harder than breaking up. You really are considering two options,” she says. Her partner of four years suggested they put the guests, the caterers and the venue on hold and give each other space….


‘The Poses That Healed My Pain’


The Independent, 11 June 2013.

Last autumn, as the leaves turned, I felt a cloak drape over my shoulders, a leaden, winter cloak weighing me down. And rather than being able to shrug it off, it came with me everywhere. I was able to feel the threads…

Gail Porter: ‘Being sectioned was absolutely terrifying’

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The Interview, The Independent On Sunday, 13 May 2012.

Gail Porter is having a bad hair day. To most of us, that means a few strands out of place and the odd split end. To her, it’s a crazed patchwork of stubble, falling out in clumps. Her scalp is a barometer of her mental health: when she is stressed, she moults like a cat. A bad hair day is an omen…


Alan Ayckbourn: ‘A new idea is the only way forward’

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The Interview – The Independent On Sunday, 2 September 2012

In Alan Ayckbourn’s nightmares he is psychoanalysed and straightened out. “Then I wouldn’t have anything to write about,” he says. There is little danger of that. As he embarks on his 77th play, the life and family from which he draws his dark material remains a disturbingly rich source of inspiration…